We are today announcing that there have been some changes in the ns-clan formerly known as amanita. We have decided to release the following from their duties and express at the same time our appreciation for all that they done for the clan: deagle and majoren. In addition we have also decided to release all the try’s in amanita from their trial period and wish them good luck in the future.

Further there have been some changes in the structure of the clan. Xinoz0r has been released from his obligations as clan-leader and will from now on function as an ordinary member of the team. Once again we would like to express our gratitude for the hard work that he has put into the clan. MannE, the other clan leader in amanita, will continue in the office and will be accompanied by dmk and rEo, who will function as clan leaders as well. We hope to continue the fine work that has already been done, and expect to contribute to the clan with our individual skills and abilities.

The new team will consist of MannE, dmk and rEo as clan leaders and Oddball, Xinoz0r, Xiphias, GroBuT and ZiPTriX as members. We are very confident in this team and expect to complete it with a few minor additions.

As stated in the beginning of the announcement the clan will no longer be known as amanita. The cl-crew has decided to change the name of the clan, and it will here forth be known as eerie. You will be able to find us at #eerie on IRC and www.eerie.dk.

Once again we give our thanks to all the members and wish them the best of luck for the future, and we look forward to many good times in the future.